Story from Al Kun

by Don

I’ve been thinking about you guys.   I know its silly, I only spent a few hour with your dad, but he made a pretty profound impact on me. In my odd experiences, I have been around very few father aged people who projected ” you guys are doing good, we’ll get this done, and its going to be fun.” just general confidence and positive outlook.   I’ll never forget him on the Saturday night at Olympus, helping me straighten out the corner I’d bashed up. He kept joking and pestering me until I let some of my insane stress go and enjoyed how bad I was fucking up, which turned out to not be too bad.  Also, no BS, when he drove my truck he adjusted the seat so that is was so comfortable, I carefully didn’t move it for months, and when someone did move it I threw a hissy fit.

I’ve been remembering what an old friend said when my dad was going.  He told me to think of it as him passing me the torch, and making room in the center of the stage.

-Al Kun