story from Joe Smith

by Don

I did not Phil as Sandy; he was just Phil to us in the Class of 1960.  My brother Peter always talked about Phil and his mother Ruth.  They seem to go to their place during the holidays and would call me about the good time they had.


In school Phil was the strong guy on and off the field.  One evening several of us were out to no good and just happen to stop and see Phil working on his old car.  He had the motor out of it.  The motor block was lying on the garage floor, now this was a V-8 motor block just lying there, when Phil walked over to it and put his arms into the cinders and lifts it up and carried it over to the car.  From that time on Phil was Mr. Burress.


May we all be strong in our heart and be help to all our friends like Sandy


Joe Smith  Class of 1960 MVHS

Colville, Washington