story from Bob Parkinson

by Don

Name: Bob Parkinson

Comment: Phil and I rounded out the backfield of the highschool football team with John Day and Bruce Wilson. What I remember was Phil’s fast start to get to the line of scrimmage. And then there were the few times I would get signals mixed and we would colide in the backfield head to head. ¬†Fortumately, all those were in practice that i remember. ¬†And for those of us who were in the locker room at half time know that we could not stay unconsious long with the bark of Coach Leo (Bud) Hake in our face! Those were fun times.


I had no contact with Phil after highschool except perhaps at one of the few reunions that I have attended. However, the close relationship that we had on the football team cemented an image in my mind of a focused and dedicated man and his life story certainly measures up to my picture of Phil.


Like all of you I will miss Phil, a great Bulldog.

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